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My Services


Clients should expect to work one-on-one in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. Individual therapy can help treat mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral issues. Issues may include but are not limited to: anger, anxiety, depression, family issues, grief and loss, insomnia, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship issues, and stress. We can work together to make lifestyle changes. Additionally, we can help identify underlying causes of symptoms and provide strategies for changing unwanted thoughts and behaviors. Individual therapy can equip clients with the skills to manage symptoms, reduce stress, and improve their quality of life.

Couples Therapy strives to assist couples in achieving a deeper sense of understanding, awareness, empathy, and connectedness within their relationships with the goal of heightened intimacy and interpersonal growth. Both individuals must be committed to improving their relationship, while looking inwardly at their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Couples therapy is not intended for one partner to unload anger, resentment and other damaging behaviors toward his or her partner. 

I will look at the dynamics of the couple's relationship and give the couple insight into their shared strengths and weaknesses, as well as their individual ones. My goal is to remain neutral and give feedback to both partners by promoting more two-way communication, creating more positive ways of interacting, and thinking and developing different ways the couple can show their love and support for each other.

Sex Therapy

Clients should have access to inclusive, comprehensive and accurate information on sexuality, which expands beyond gender and orientation. The holistic view of sexuality includes biological, psychological, cultural and spiritual components. I will be a source of knowledge and connection for clients remaining open, empathic and flexible. I recognize the diverse needs of the clients I serve and provide comprehensive and inclusive care to individuals of all gender identities and all sexualities.  


I am trained to provide psychotherapy in all areas of sexual health including: anorgasmia, desire discrepancy, erectile/ejaculation issues, out of control sexual behavior and sexual pain. Additionally, I am LGBTQIA ally and provide affirmative therapy to support you as you navigate familial and societal pressures, which may impact your mental health.

Your family affects who you are and who you become, both for the better and for worse. You learn how to love, and how to interact with others from these first important relationships. Nearly all families deal with some sort of dysfunction at one time or another and family therapy offers families a way to develop or maintain a healthy, happy, functional family.


Family therapy can be used to help a family experiencing mental or behavioral health problems in family members. Additionally, family therapy is effective in assisting families through a difficult period of time, or a major transition (separation, divorce, unemployment, loss, grief, etc.).

According to the American Group Psychotherapy Association, studies comparing group psychotherapy to individual therapy show group therapy to be as effective and sometimes more effective than individual therapy. The social microcosm created in group work allows members to see themselves how others see them. The simple truth comes to life with the collective consciousness of the group. Group members benefit from the interaction and feedback they receive from others.

Mediation is not therapy. Mediation is a settlement of issues that are mutually agreeable and beneficial to all parties. The single goal of mediation is for me to help clients talk to each other so they can resolve issues. As a mediator, I focus on the client’s own decision making capabilities. I will not make decisions for you, but I will help you come to your own decisions. Mediation is an efficient, collaborative, restorative and private way to resolve issues.

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